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Message from Nikhil singh!

Atualizado: 6 de set. de 2020

Introducing ‘My Angels’, that's what I call these four amazing ladies! Though so renowned and successful, they invested over a 100 hours to spread their message to so many people all in just one hour.

In my life, I've realised that only the most beautiful and wondrous people bring out excellent results, it's even harder when those results are to bring the best out in people. Whenever I speak to My Angels, especially Miriam, I get transported to a different world where my mind becomes truly limitless and my mental and physical state turns extraordinary.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all 4 of them - Miriam, Fernanda, Christiane and Sassa for taking out so much time from their packed schedules and blessing so many people in India. This is what I call a true collaboration!

More Power to Miriam and everybody!

If you missed the webinar, or want to watch it again, please do watch it on youtube on NDIM's Channel!

A huge thank you to NDIM for hosting this webinar of "Mastering the Skills of Outstanding CEOs".

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